Jump on a Ferry

Sometimes on a rainy day you need to pry yourself off the couch, jump on a ferry and take a spontaneous, coastal day-trip. A few weekends Tyler and i did just that. We literally sprinted out to our car, fastened our seat belts and put the pedal to metal as we headed for the Horseshoe Bay ferry terminal. Our trusty little automobile was the last car onto the Sunshine Coast bound vessel.


 I love seeing destinations that are engrained in your brain as a sunny, childhood Summer spot, in the rainy, off-season months. It's nostalgic and heart warming and makes me want to cozy up in cabin beside a fire with a cup of tea. 


To get to this tiny, no-man's-land lake we had to drive straight up a steep logging road. It was rough at best, and when I get nervous/uncomfortable I basically just laugh hysterically. So there we are, alone, in the rain, our tires gripping the steep hill while stones fly out from under our car, and I'm laughing so hard that tears are running down my face. What a moment. Arguably dangerous? - Tyler always swears we're fine and I trust him with my entire heart when it comes to driving as he's done a lot of miles crossing countries in his tour van. Fast-forward to the top and we were treated to this beautiful, forgotten, mud-puddle of a lake at the top. Worth it......I think.