A funeral, A magic show + A tea party.

So Spring is fully upon us in Vancouver. It's felt eerily-like Summer. It was the temperature that lets your body exist effortlessly. No over-heating, no goosebumps, just perfection. 

I had a super strange and surprisingly lovely last weekend. My schedule read like a twisted, whimsical, adult fairytale. And, with the scent of magnolias and cotton candy-hued cherry blossoms transforming the drab streets into pastel blanketed wonderlands, the weekend felt even more surreal.

A funeral, A magic show + A tea party. 

Anywho. The funeral (more technically a memorial) was for my Grandmother - my dad's mother - more aptly referred to as "GramB" (Grandma Bancroft) during my lifetime spent with her. A stubbornly strong Irish woman, her death marks the loss of the last female of that generation of my family. She taught me to have conviction, stand your ground and recognize traditions have value rooted in reason. The ceremony was one of bright, optimistic remembrance. I unfortunately have emotions that appear at the drop of a pin and wept a river of unstoppable tears throughout it. I think a lot of it had to do with this feeling of loss of control that happens in your late 20's. The loss of things and people that you've spent your entire life with. And the change in family dynamics that opens up the urge to create a family of your own. I'm aware all of this is a little heavier than my normal posts and verges on cheesy. But, I can only write what I experience and recently this seems to be it. 

Luckily, we had plans to go see a magician the night following the memorial. I mean what better way to forget about the intense realities of life + death than with a complete escape into a world of fantasy + magic? - literally. If you live in Vancouver and ever have the opportunity to go see Camilo the magician, you need to do it. He's incredible. So incredible actually, that Tyler felt the need to write a song about him. And even though the logical side of my brain wants to try to find explanations for how he executes his tricks, the other side of me loves to entertain the illusion. Everyone needs an escape from reality now + again. 

Sunday capped off the weekend perfectly. The sun came out and I made my way to Treasures and Travels studio for a tea party. If you haven't checked out their blog, you must. It's full of fun recipes, beauty tips + more. The afternoon was a coming together of a lot of brilliant, talented, driven female bloggers + business women from Vancouver to share tea, donuts, pie + conversation.

My recent meetings with new people have convinced me that creating community and sharing ideas with others is a serious catalyst for creativity. I am shy, but I love listening to what others are up to and hearing their stories, and can't help but feel inspired.

So here's to warmer weather, new growth, creativity and sharing in the coming Spring months!  

Hope you have a great weekend ahead of you!

* I'm looking to get out a few, new fun posts in the coming weeks like playlists + drink recipes so stay posted.