I've rewritten the first sentence of this entry about 20 times now. Sometimes the beginning stages of sharing your thoughts are the hardest. I haven't posted to the blog (or much other social media) in quite a few weeks. I thought it fair to share that we've been going through some hard personal stuff in our family recently and I really haven't had the energy to post about it (or any of the other things I had lined up for the blog). I've been digesting some thoughts and trying to make sense of a few things that are happening and am just not sure how I want to share them yet.

Also, I hate to leave a cryptic note like this! It drives me crazy when people give you a sob story but don't actually tell you the details of what's going on. This is not an attention grab or to bring you back to the blog - I just wanted to explain my absence recently and let you know I will be back when things have settled a bit. Thanks so much for your understanding xx