Bali | Milo's Home + Uluwatu | Part 2


Next stop on our trip was a night at Milo's home, a place in the southwest coast of Bali. What can I say about this place other than I wish that we'd spent a few more nights? Complete bliss. 

An amazing series of A-frame, tropical bungalows perched atop a cliff overlooking the bluest of ocean. 

Even better, there is a spa that lies literally at the edge of the cliff. This is where I had the most amazing hour of my life. An aromatherapy (jasmine) massage in an open hut (privacy taken into consideration) surrounded by 180 degress of blue and the sound of crashing waves as the balmy tropical breeze blows over you. Words seriously don't do it justice. And the cost for that 1.5 hours? $15. Priceless. The whole time I was lying there thinking about how I was going to eternally be imagining the entire scenario as my happy place. After the massage they give you a spicy ginger tea with honey and let you just sit and relax and bask in the moment. 

No joke as I type this I could shed a tear over missing that spot.

Though the location was a little bit of a trek to get to, and you are pretty secluded, I would visit this spot again in a heartbeat. And did I forget to mention there is a jungle-book worthy path to visit the ocean at the bottom of the cliffs? Magic truly exists in this space. 

We decided to take up one of the local drivers on his offer to drive to watch the sunset at the Uluwatu temple. Kind of a touristy spot, reminiscent of a tropical Ireland, Uluwatu is really beautiful. It's hard to imagine, but I try to envision these spiritual spaces as they would have originally appeared (without hordes of tourists traipsing all over them). 

A word to the wise: Monkeys are evil. If my blog leaves you with one takeaway lesson let it be that one. I grew up with my mom telling me tales of zoo-keeper friends proclaiming that the only animal they didn't trust to be left alone with were the primates. She told me " They're too human, it's not fair to have them held captive that way and they know". Even with a healthy respect for nature and the distance one should maintain with wild animals I managed to get chased by one of these little devils. Teeth bared, hissing, chasing..... I had visions of me getting flown to Singapore to get rabies vaccinations, all the time with my head low, "There's another one of those stupid tourists that got bitten by a monkey". Thankfully other than a bruised ego from my embarrassing shrieks (that only come from real, true terror) I left Uluwatu unscathed. We did however, take the long route back to the parking lot, to avoid any more meandering monkeys... even Tyler was not a fan by that point.