Travel Lust | Iceland

My travel destination bucket-list seems to be ever expanding as I grow older. One thing gets ticked off and another three empty boxes take its place. The top of my gluttonous list at the moment has me lusting over jetting off to Japan, Greece, Croatia, Turkey, Morocco, Norway, Sweden and Iceland (to name a few).

I crave unique experiences and landscapes that bend my perception of the planet we live on. For that purpose I have been thinking a lot about Iceland recently.

Check out this tiny taste of photos from Iceland that had me dreaming of this otherworldly spot ((trust me, you could spend hours of your life immersed in beautiful shots of this place online). The beautiful landscapes, haunting light and stark multicoloured/functional homes make me want to board a jet and wave goodbye to Vancouver for a bit (even during the Summer months - which is a feat in and of itself).

Have you been to Iceland? Dreaming of another spot? Comment below and tell me about your favourite things about your trip and what tip you'd give to anyone planning on heading there! 

*Please note these photos have been generously borrowed from Pinterest. Credit has been given via a click through to the original source if it was available.