Happy Halloween!

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When I was little I had a Halloween themed birthday party.... in May. What a little wierdo.  There's just something really nostalgic about Halloween that always got me. I love scary movies and as a kid I reveled in the thought that mystic magic might linger out there somewhere. I loved carving pumpkins and snacking on the freshly baked seeds. The smell of damp leaves and fireworks along with the sights and sounds of mischief in the the neighbourhood always won me over.

Now that I'm a little older I want to offer that same fun, safe experience of the holiday that I was lucky enough to have. It saddens me that parents don't feel safe letting their kids trick-or-treat. Since this is the first year we will have a front door that is accessible from the street I want to take part. We're going to put up decorations, have some friends over to hand out candy and 'ooh' and 'ahh' at the adorable costumes of the kids that stop by.

If nothing more, it's a good excuse to put on some classic 90s flicks (The Craft, Scream etc), eat chocolate until we're sick, and just hang out... oh yeah and pull out that ouija board to try to talk to the dead (obviously).

Hope everyone has a great safe night, not matter what age you are!