I have a really hard time wrapping my brain around eating super healthy at the expense of flavour. I love good food. My Mom's Mom was Italian and I was raised in a loud house full of good smells, large hand gestures and great homemade food. A large part of the eating experience for me is sentimental. It's a way to connect with others and make something out of nothing to share and enjoy together. 

So my reaction when people are overly health conscious is to feel as though they're taking away from that experience by cooking with their heads and not their hearts. That being said I like to feel my best and take care of my body. So, I've been experimenting in our new kitchen and would love to share some of the healthy, yet flavourful successes I've had. 

Cauliflower:  You anti inflammatory, anti oxidant, cancer fighting, healthy vegetable you.


I came up with this dish using things that were in my pantry and have fallen head-over-heels (which I rarely wear) in love. It's super healthy and (arguably) more importantly filled with flavour. It's also easy to prepare super quick - essential for recipes in my everyday life. 

  • rip up a head of cauliflower into bite sized chunks
  • throw it into a deep-ish pan on medium with a bit of melted coconut oil
  • Throw in some cashews- crunch them in your hand before putting them in
  • I like to add some ripped up kale  at this stage too
  • cook, tossing regularly until cauliflower and nuts are browned (not mushy) 
  • spoon into a bowl
  • squeeze fresh lime over it
  • Sprinkle some sesame seeds and flaky parmesan cheese and you're done! 

Next on my list to try is cauliflower mashed 'potatoes'. I doubt it will ever replace regular mashed potatoes in my life (Tyler's specialty). But, it never hurts to try!