So it's been a busy couple of weeks. My apologies on the delayed posting. I keep with the blog as often as I can, but sometimes life has a funny way of jumping right in and turning your schedule upside down.  

The whole of Vancouver was entirely swallowed by a thick blanket of fog a few weekends ago. Fall has officially joined this city and is making itself completely at home. I'm addicted to the natural changing of the seasons and this day was just a non-stop ride of unique light and weather.

Dani and I spent the morning hiking up Seymour mountain. This place amazes me on an average day, but with the fog it really transformed into something unreal. The light was filtering through the branches and the clouds kept moving and illuminating the forest in the most unbelievable way. Hmm I'm geeking out on nature again. But in all seriousness it was pretty stunning.

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This Summer (so strange that it's already behind us) I hadn't spent as much time on the water as I would have liked to. With Tyler on tour and my parents up the coast for a month or so, there just hadn't been much opportunity to jump on a boat. With the cold weather approaching my parents were amazing enough to promise me a day together boating and it just happened to fall on the foggy weekend. I am forever grateful that I have such wonderful parents who I love to spend time with and who have given (and continue to give) me so many amazing, outdoor experiences.

After our hike Dani and I met up with them and took to the water in a silvery mist. The weather gods basically granted us the perfect day. The fog lifted for an afternoon of sunshine and crisp fall boating that ended with a sunny salmon dinner while anchored in a bay.

As we headed home, the setting sun met with the reappearing wall of fog and created the most amazing sunset as we sailed under the Second Narrows bridge. From there to home it was a cool, quiet, grey blanket on the sea with only the sparkling lights of nearby freighters and shipping yards interrupting the clouds. 

*Yes, I am aware that the cheese factor of this post is hitting at about 12 on a scale of 10. Sometimes days are just so great that nothing sums them up better than a cheesy blog post with pictures to back it up.


It was a completely perfect day. From the mountains to the sea, from fog to sunshine and sunsets (all spent in the company of loving family and friends), I could not have dreamt up better.

I am a lucky girl and it's moments like these that I need to remind myself of on those less-than-magical days that happen once in a blue moon.