Yesterday's forecast for 10 days of rain had my heart sinking right back into my rumpled white sheets- that was until the clouds were blown out of Vancouver and the sun made a surprise appearance today. Nothing makes you appreciate something more than the thought of the near future without it.

When I woke up to blue sky and birds chirping - no joke, sometimes it sounds like a Disney movie is taking place outside my window, I decided to get up and get outside while I could. With a healthy smoothie for breakfast (banana, cantaloupe, honeydew, spinach, kale, carrot, ginger, mint, light coconut milk & water) and two wonderful friends for company, I headed to Lynn Canyon.

I spent a fair amount of my teenage years in and around the waters of Lynn Canyon, so it was refreshing to return and take a hike through the woods. Tyler's back for a week before he leaves on tour again, so I feel the need to be as productive as possible with our time together. It was really nice. As Spring approaches I hope to spend as much time outside as Vancouver weather will give me.

*i hope to get some more baking/crafting things up on the blog soon so please bear with me.

Hope your weekend is full of love, friends, fresh air and all the other fantastic things this life has to offer.