We moved into our new place June 1st (hence the blogging absence). Now I'm not sure how it feels for others, but I am a little bit of a crazy hurricane when given a blank slate to work with. With the previous tenant's things moved out the new space was even more of a dream than I had remembered and became this opportunity for my dreaming to become a reality with just a little bit (who am I kidding- a lot) of creativity, blood, sweat and maybe a few tears.

To give you a little context, Tyler's & my first shared residence was a TINY bedroom off a kitchen in a shared house. We loved that crazy decrepit house and little bedroom... but it is no exaggeration to say that it was probably about 100 square feet. We were lucky this was during that dreamy stage of the beginning of a new relationship, because if circumstances had been different, any two people sharing those closed quarters would have been likely to murder each other. We then graduated to a lofty, lovely 550 square foot apartment. We loved it for a couple of years, but it became apparent that the need for space and a working office to write, paint, blog and make music was growing.

So now, picture us in awe standing on the threshold of a 1200+ square foot, two bedroom home with 10 foot ceilings, a sunroom, a dining room, large windows and the much dreamed about second bedroom. I really can't even describe how it felt- it's about what I would imagine winning the lottery would be like.

Moving onto the aforementioned hurricane design stage. When I was a girl I painted my room no less than 6 times. I thrive on change and I am a firm believer in home nesting. A home should be a retreat from all the craziness that our lives are filled with on a daily basis. I have never been presented with the opportunity to work on this much space and the task of making every inch of it feel like home was (and still is) a bit overwhelming at times. For weeks prior to the move I was prepping and trying to conceive of furniture/storage solutions/room uses etc. all on a super tight budget.

So here's where we get to now. So far I have been kept beyond busy with painting, furniture shopping/building, light searching, thrifting and somewhere in between there eating, sleeping and visiting with friends. Tyler left on tour a couple of days after we moved. One the joys of dating a touring musician is that your life schedule and tour plans never seem to cooperate. For me that's a reality of life and I treat it as a challenge to be completely self sufficient. It's kind of like getting to live a single-girl and partnered life simultaneously, and it can be really rewarding if you see it as an opportunity rather than a hinderance. So I have been super busy. And with the help of the most amazing friends I have made really good progress on things so far.

I'm hoping to share some of the renovations, projects and skills I pick up as we go through this project. Keep checking back for before & after shots and an update on where things are at. I also scour the internet for tips and solutions to issues I have and would love to hear about your experiences with creating your homes and what was important to you during the process.

Hope everyone is well! xo