Trader Joes. Any lovely Americans out there? I am officially jealous of you. I think most other Vancouverites would share my sentiment. Today my friend Sarah and I took a little trip down to Bellingham to pick up groceries (as we do every couple of weeks). This TJs is filled with Canadians all vying for the amazing, beautifully packaged, delicious, cheap, healthy, genius snacks that this place provides. Thought I'd share some of my baking/cooking basics & all around favourites with you. *Forgive me if prices are a bit off. I'm trying to remember off the top of my head as I don't have my receipt with me.


1. $1.49 This Coconut Cream is thick and decadent. I swear I could put it in the freezer and eat it like ice cream. But in all seriousness, it's amazing in curries, soups and smoothies. I also use TJ's light coconut milk when I want a thinner/liquid version or milk replacement.

2. $6.99 Tasty, unsalted, raw cashews are great for snacking, salads, curries, soup/smoothie thickeners etc. Tyler's favourite.

3. $3.99? Trying out this gluten/dairy/nut/soy/corn free brownie mix. Have heard good things. We shall see how it goes.

4. $3.49 Salted Caramel sauce. One word. Amazing. My favourite TJs product. I'm a sucker for any sweet/salty combo and this one is just right. Top lattes, ice cream, pears, or just eat by the spoonful. Yes, I am sometimes a fat kid at heart.

5. $1.49 Whipping cream that can be stored in a pantry. No refrigeration necessary. Lovely to have on hand for when you need to make a dessert in a pinch and can't make it to the store.

6. $6.99 Coconut oil is a new favourite for me. I use it in place of olive oil/butter when cooking in a pan. Fantastic for French toast/pancakes etc. Smells heavenly and adds great flavour to chicken to be used in curries or salads etc. (in Canada this is usually around $12.99) *tip: Don't refrigerate. It will be too hard to scoop.

7.  $3.99? Another new item for me, almond meal. Basically almond flour. Mixed with powdered sugar it should be great for making macaroons. Amazing price considering it's about $15.00 for a bag of almond flour in Canada. Really excited to try this.

*There are lots of other great items that I didn't pick up today, so they're not pictured in this post. What are your favourite TJs finds?