Our new place is a dream. I have to pinch myself regularly to make sure it's reality.

The warm, breezy weather in Vancouver has only added to my feelings of love for the space. I've spent evenings having dinner with the breeze blowing in through the drapes and the light shining through the trees into the windows unable to comprehend how we were lucky enough to have ended up here.

Here are some pictures of the dining room before and after: 

The dining room is the most 'finished' of all the rooms. We painted, changed the light fixtures, hung drapes and found a table and rug that we liked We still need to decide on matching chairs and possible artwork, but all in good time.

We needed a really large table to make the most of the space.  I've dreamed of having dinners with family and friends and with this ikea table we finally can. It was also a good choice because we're on a budget (it was only $279) and it's actually an outdoor table, so it's super durable.  

The lights I picked up in a random store. I fell in love with them. The colour is rare to find in industrial fixtures.  I had to go to home depot and talk to a friendly gentleman who helped me find everything I needed to rewire them. I added socket converters (so they could have regular instead of industrial sized bulbs), white wiring, and chain. The chain isn't my first choice but it will help their height be easily adjustable. This is important because I switch the layouts in my home pretty often :)

I've been slow moving on decorating because I'm relishing in the opportunity to find things I really love, that will fit in the house. For so long our place was tiny and we couldn't bring home any treasures and now it's the complete opposite. I want to stretch this period out as long as I can. 

photo 3.JPG
photo 5.JPG

I'm sure this room will change a lot in the near future, but for now evenings in this room are a complete joy.