Show night | Victoria

So it's been super chilly in Vancouver the last couple of days. By Vancouver standards -8 degrees Celsius is basically hell freezing over....and I'm loving it!

Tyler's band had a show on Saturday in Victoria so we took a chilly ferry ride to the island in the afternoon. Ferry rides will always be nostalgic for me, reminding me of weekends with my family going to our Summer place. This ferry ride was anything but Summer. It was freezing and windy as I dragged Tyler outside and onto various decks to feel the cold air on my face and take a few pictures of Mt. Baker in the distance. 


After a tasty brunch with Victoria friends the morning after the concert, we headed back to Vancouver and into a snow-filled couple of days. I dread when it inevitably warms up and turns to slush, but it made for a dreamy night of decorating our Christmas tree and it's a great backdrop for spending today at home in bed with a killer sore throat. Who can be mad at being sick when you're cuddled up with christmas lights, a tree, snow and hot tea?