home. one word, so many feelings. 


We're back after 2 weeks in paradise that flew by in a split second and simultaneously seemed to contain a lifetime's worth of fun, love, learning, experiencing and growing (gag, rereading that makes me highly aware of it's cheese factor, but it's the truth and I'm sticking to it). I think every time I return home from a trip to a country that is vastly different from my own I feel like (or hope) I'm a little bit of a different person when the plane's wheels meet the pavement.. at least I can hope that all the amazing things have changed my heart in some minute way that is untraceable to an observer's eye.

Now I am home at my own home, at my own computer, at my own desk trying to hold onto the virtually imperceptible change in how my everyday life looks and feels (a bit foreign and new) to me.

For now I will be spending my off-time editing and compiling the masses of photos collected along our journey. Please hang tight while I try to piece together as much of the story of our trip as I can share with you, without being a complete overshare. I love photos more than the average human and I still know that photos of trips are always the most interesting to those that took the trip. I hope I can edit down the selection enough to be able to give you a taste for an adventure you may want to embark on in your own future. 

Thanks for your patience! Glad to be back at the keyboard... mostly ;)