It's been a little while since I've posted. I've been busy running errands and crafting and getting regular life stuff accomplished. I promise to be back on here soon with some Easter egg dyeing crafty bits and some more photos. We've had torrential downpours in Vancouver recently, so I haven't been getting out as much. Rain for a bit is lovely. Rain for too long makes this girl a hermit.

On a happier note the sun's coming out and I just booked a flight to Arizona for a week in mid March so I have desert life to look forward to!

Tyler's band leaves on a short US/Canada tour with the band Stars tomorrow. They just got some new merch back with artwork done by an amazing Vancouver artist Brent Clowater that I'm crazy about. He's a really talented guy and they're lucky that he had the time to help them out. I'm taking a couple of photos of some of the girls stuff for their online store later this month and I've added a couple of silly test shots below. Super nerdy to wear your own boyfriend's band's shirt I know, but I just couldn't help it. They're like old encyclopedia graphics of a fox and a bear and the biologist inside of me totally digs this kind of stuff. 

Hope all is well and I'll be back writing more soon. Xo